IPAS performs pre-employment psychological screening services in both a “face-to-face” and remotely via a secure teleconferencing system. These screenings include psychological testing and a clinical interview.  During this process, applicants complete approximately 4 hours of psychological tests, questionnaires and a 60-minute interview with an IPAS psychologist.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires hiring agencies to give a Conditional Offer of Employment (COE) prior to asking the applicant to submit to this “medical” examination.

Fitness For Duty

IPAS performs FFDE in a face-to-face format.  A psychological FFDE is a formal, specialized examination of an incumbent employee that results from (1) objective evidence that the employee may be unable to safely or effectively perform a defined job and (2) a reasonable basis for believing that the cause may be attributable to a psychological condition or impairment. The central purpose of an FFDE is to determine whether the employee is able to safely and effectively perform his or her essential job functions.

IPAS will consult with the agency regarding the referral and requests a written request as well as an agency description of the duties required as well as any objective evidence that prompted concern about the employee’s fitness for duty.

First Responders
Counseling Services

The Bay Area has one of the most diverse police and public safety communities in the country and during this momentous time, our staff are here to support your officers and staff. Integrated Psychological Assessment Services (IPAS) clinicians specializes in the mental health treatment of first responders and public safety personnel of color. IPAS clinicians understand public safety culture and the stressors associated with the critical work of public safety servants.

Our clinicians have unique knowledge of:

  • Essential functions of police and public safety organizations and personnel,
  • Knowledge of the working conditions unique to specific occupations,
  • Common and novel stressors inherent in public safety work,
  • Normal and abnormal adaptation to occupational stress and trauma,
  • The unique aspects of confidentiality and testimonial privilege when providing services to public safety personnel and/or agencies.

IPAS clinicians provide a plethora of evidence-based treatment modalities to treat even the most complex mental health issues and co-occurring conditions. We are dedicated staff that pride ourselves in our clinical knowledge, ethical and confidential treatment of public safety personnel.