Joseph Chung, PsyD is a Registered Psychological Assistant in the Bay Area. He received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of San Francisco (USF). He also received his M.S. in Clinical Psychology in 2018 at USF. As a former engineer, he transitioned and immersed himself extensively in the field of psychology. These wide-ranging clinical experiences began after he earned his M.A. in Counseling Psychology in 2015 (with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy) from USF.


Dr. Chung’s clinical approach strives to ensure that clients feel validated, understood, and heard in a non-judgmental manner. He utilizes cultural humility when building rapport with diverse clients, by not making assumptions when understanding the client’s unique perspective within the cultures and subcultures of systems and institutions. This is based on his clinical research focused on the experiences and the identity development of Chinese Americans that transitioned from ethnic minority dense geographic areas to Predominantly White Institutions (PWI). In his 7 years of clinical training, he has worked across cultures, genders, ethnicities, and developmental lifespan. His experience includes working with adults that struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, homelessness, life transitions as well as people aiming to manage psychosis and bipolar disorders. He has also worked with adults that identify to be on the Autism spectrum, particularly with skill development. In addition, he has helped people with their relationship challenges, occupational challenges, and to gain clarity with their goals in life.


Dr. Chung primarily uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), integrated with holistic modalities such as mindfulness. He also recognizes that healing can come in many forms. While conscientious of the client’s cultural perspective, his approach is collaborative and adapts to their preferences (either highly structured or flexible depending on their needs) to help them meet their goals. Not only is the therapeutic space a place for them to fully express their emotions, but also to gain insight about their challenges, and to build coping skills and strategies to manage their symptoms.


Dr. Chung is a native San Franciscan and first generation Chinese American. He has provided services in both English and Cantonese, while serving a wide range of diverse clients. He enjoys hiking, biking, running, and exploring state and national parks. He also enjoys trying new cuisines and spending time with family and friends.